Dovercourt House
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 Dovercourt House is home to a number of well-respected, highly regarded and artistically talented performance companies, events, dances and dance schools. Among those are: The Toronto Dance Community Love-In (Dance Artists); GoDanz (Salsa and Kizomba Dances, Events and Classes); Odd Socks/Swing Toronto (Swing Dance, Events, Workshops and Classes); The Hogtown Swing Dance Academy (Swing Dance School); Bees Knees Dance (Swing Dance School); Retroroadshow (80's Video Dance Event); Paradiso Tango (Argentine Tango Dances and Classes); Dance Class Toronto (Zumba Dance Classes), all of whom make the 1st floor or The Hall at Dovercourt House their home base: Kaeja d'Dance (Dance Performance Company), princess productions (Dance Performance Company); Ecstatic Dance Mondays and Thursdays (Ecstatic Dance Events); TO West Coast w/ Julie Epplett (West Coast Swing Dances and Classes);  The Move Dance Collective (Ecstatic Dance Event); all of whom make the 2nd floor or Dovehouse Ballroom their home base and: Corpus (Dance Performance Company); La Cachila (Argentine Tango Dances and Classes); The Toronto Sunday Contact Improv Jam (Contact Dance Jam); The Wednesday Contact Dance Jam (Contact Dance Jam); 5 Rhythms Toronto (5 Rhythms Classes) and Sugar Hoops (Hoop Dance Classes); all of whom make the 3rd floor or Dovercourt Penthouse their home base.

This website has been created primarily as an information vehicle to help promote and facilitate access to the many companies, classes, rehearsals, dances and events held not only within the building but further including events held outside the building by the studio participants. Dovercourt House has been a hub of various artistic activities and ventures for the past 10+ years providing high quality studio and event space for such varied activities as: swing, salsa, tango, belly, 80's,  country, Irish folk, English and waltz  dances: capoeira, contact improvisation, dance jams, movement meditation, dance therapy, expressive arts, studio performances, tai chi, and yoga: artists rehearsing for their productions and: many private functions such as birthday parties, stags, weddings, fetish parties, office parties and private dinner/dances among other happenings. The studio participants seem to have formed a community unto themselves who are bound by a love of the arts, dance, movement and generally having FUN!

At first consideration it might seem those of us who love to dance, move, express and enjoy ourselves have simple needs. We need an appropriate space that can suit many different situations and conditions and one that feels free from outside noise or distraction - a comfortable haven, if you will. If the space is open, airy, possesses character and exists close to a subway, these things are considered to be bonuses. In the search for studio space, finding a combination of all these qualities is in fact rare. Often times pillars, lack of space, noise, low quality floors, lack of character and/or lack of light diminish the experience and can even endanger participants. Dovercourt House is special in that it provides all of the above needs, allowing the magic of dance and the arts to thrive as well as providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere to host a private or public event . Those who discover each individual studio seem to find a special attachment to one or another as each of the 3 available spaces possesses a unique character and charm.

For further general information or to inquire about renting any of the studios, please continue to the Contact/Map link at the top of the page and for any further information about any of the classes, dances and events at Dovercourt House please follow the respective links at the top of the page. I and all who make Dovercourt House our home base look forward to hearing from you!